Auto parts products use anti-sweeping system to solve the problem of dealers' fleeing cargo

2021-01-14 16:50:47

Establish an anti-channelling system for auto parts products 

If the goods are fleeing, the system gives an early warning and can also obtain the fleeing data in time. Real-time tracking, supervise the sales behaviors of various places, and prevent the fleeing of goods. Manage the entire circulation cycle of auto parts products, and conduct unified management of dealers in various regions. Products are tracked at all links in the supply chain, and the entire process is transparent and visualized and product circulation is controlled. The flow direction of each auto parts product can be viewed, and the management of anti-sweeping goods.


So this solved the problem of fleeing goods

The system will automatically issue an early warning when there is a fleeing of goods, and the company can deal with it as soon as possible if it knows that there is a fleeing of goods. The anti-frying cargo system played a supervisory role. The anti-sweeping system is needed, so that the company can control the flow of auto parts products, and can also prevent the dealers from all over the place. For the management and control of the logistics information of each box, the flow of auto parts can be checked at any time.

Supervise dealers in various regions and stop selling goods 

The trouble caused by fleeing goods, and the chaotic prices will make consumers lose trust in the entire brand product, and it will also make the entire brand product a representative of low-end goods in the eyes of customers. In the case of a lot of fleeing goods, counterfeit products will also increase, so auto parts products need to use anti-fleeing systems to solve the phenomenon of fleeing goods. Auto parts products built an anti-smuggling management system, and gradually the smuggling situation disappeared. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service!