One thing one code marketing has the function and embodied value

2021-01-14 17:59:35

One thing one code marketing system 

View data in real time, provide marketing analysis, and provide a basis for business decisions. One thing, one size is to take an important step in brand differentiation marketing. The information and data brought by the scan code can help brands generate valuable consumer insights, and brands can market based on this, thereby enhancing personalized user experience. Real-time adjustments based on the market make marketing activities more accurate and effective. Improve the adhesion between users and enterprises, and empower terminal marketing.


Brand product one item one code marketing solution

Brand owners can carry out a variety of promotional activities at the same time, support cash red envelopes, points, coupons, and various types of prizes. At the same time, the probability and quantity of different prizes can be adjusted in real time. In the one-item one-code marketing management background, you can view various data, winning records, daily scan code trends, repurchase rate analysis, etc., to help companies quickly understand the status of promotional activities.

Set up one product, one code marketing, do a good job in product promotion

One item, one code marketing, you can interact with users by paying attention to the official account, etc. When consumers scan the code, they can receive red envelopes, receive coupons, and participate in games to receive rewards, thereby increasing consumers’ favorability and stickiness of the brand. Retain consumers, continue to provide services to consumers, turn every product into a distribution channel, and achieve accurate marketing. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service!