Auto parts industry product traceability system, full cycle traceability

2021-01-25 16:14:39

Full cycle traceability

The traceability of auto parts products can be traced throughout. Through the application of the auto parts product traceability system, with a traceability label for each product, the source of the product can be traced and whereabouts can be traced, and product quality management and risk control are strengthened. The source can be traced, the flow can be traced, the information can be inquired, the responsibility can be identified, and the defective product can be recalled. The traceability system is the control from the production of auto parts to the sales process, thereby improving product quality.


Establish auto parts traceability system 

The auto parts product traceability system can connect products, origin, inspection, supervision, and consumption, so that consumers can understand the production and circulation processes that meet the quality, and improve consumers' confidence. The traceability of auto parts products means that the source can be traced and whereabouts can be checked, from raw material procurement, product production to sales logistics, and quality management. Auto parts products can be traced throughout the whole process, which enhances the dependence of the company's product brand and product end consumers, thereby creating value for the company.

Product traceability system for auto parts industry

The traceability system realizes one item and one code by assigning only an ID card to a single auto parts product, and data collection and tracking for the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics, transportation, market inspection, and consumption of the product can realize the product Full life cycle management of production, warehousing, sales, circulation and service. The enterprise establishes an auto parts product traceability management system to objectively and truly record and save product quality information, reflecting the significance of traceability. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is here for you!