What is one product one code marketing, and what is its use?

2021-01-25 17:47:12

What is one product one code marketing

Customizing anti-counterfeiting labels for products can meet a variety of needs, such as brand anti-counterfeiting, product quality traceability, one-item one-code marketing, and anti-fleeing management. Assign a code to each product and add the marketing function to the QR code label. This label achieves product anti-counterfeiting, one item one code marketing, and consumers can scan the code to check the authenticity of the product and participate in marketing activities.


What is the use of one product one code marketing 

One thing one code marketing system can not only increase sales and gain users, but also build a big data engine for enterprises. One thing, one code marketing can achieve product promotion, new product promotion, anti-counterfeiting, physical store drainage, brand promotion and other functions. Through the back-end system, data analysis such as product inventory flow and market data investigation can be inquired, and this information can be sorted, and the product repurchase rate can be improved through detailed marketing.

Product use one product one code marketing system

One thing one code interactive marketing is to connect enterprises and consumers with two-dimensional codes through the contacts of the frequency of product contact with consumers, and to open up a suitable interactive communication platform. One thing one code marketing can realize interaction with users, communicate feedback, shape brand personality, and trigger social communication. The one-item one-code marketing system completes the offline to online connection of traditional promotions, enhances the interaction between the brand and consumers, and helps increase influence and communication. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is here for you!