One thing one code traceability system in the auto parts industry, the whole process is traceable

2021-03-03 14:45:01

Traceability system

Auto parts products use a traceability system. The printed traceability QR code is pasted on the outer packaging of the auto parts product. Consumers only need to scan the code with a smart phone to see the relevant information of the auto parts product. Formed a complete traceability system, a virtuous circle of traceability. The auto parts product traceability system realizes that the source of goods can be checked, traceability can be traced, information sharing, responsibility can be investigated, and faulty products can be recalled. Full-cycle information management of production, circulation and sales of auto parts products.


Full traceability

It can establish an accurate record of production and logistics information for the enterprise, and the system can realize the full quality traceability of raw materials, production, logistics, transportation, and sales of products, and strengthen the level of product management. Realize the tracking and traceability of the whole life cycle of auto parts products, so that the source can be checked and whereabouts can be traced. Use the auto parts product traceability system to realize the refined management of each link from raw materials to sales. The quality traceability system of auto parts products is the traceability of information from production to sales.

One thing one code traceability system for auto parts industry

Establish a traceability system for auto parts products to ensure that the entire process information can be traced. After purchasing a product, consumers can take out their mobile phones and scan the anti-counterfeit traceability QR code label on the outer packaging of the product to view the basic data information of the product's production process, production batch, logistics order, and product information. The quality of traceable products is guaranteed, and consumers will buy with confidence. Supervise and manage auto parts products so that each product can be traced throughout the entire process. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service!