Daily chemical products build an anti-sweeping system to prevent all kinds of fleeing goods

2021-03-03 15:57:57

Prevent all kinds of fleeing goods

The anti-sweeping system for daily chemical products prevents dealers from diverting goods. Each daily chemical product is bound with a logistics tracking code to check product trends in real time and refuse to diversify. Using the daily chemical product anti-sweeping system, when the product logistics changes, these circulation information will also be recorded in the company's back-end database. Through this system, the company can view the relevant information of daily chemical products at any time. Scan the shipment, you can get the daily chemical product circulation information and track it.


Daily chemical products to build an anti-channeling system

The real-time monitoring of the whole process of fleeing goods information, if there is a problem, the product can be recalled in time. Through the establishment of daily chemical products anti-smuggling system, the data of consumers' inquiries and dealers' fouling data are analyzed and sorted, and it can be displayed intuitively through reports or charts. Help companies to track the entire process of daily chemical products from warehouse, distribution, logistics, and retail. The anti-counterfeiting code is associated with the anti-sweeping code. Consumers scan the code, and the system automatically judges the fleeing goods. The market staff scans the code to check whether the daily chemical products are fleeing.

Using the anti-sweeping system, the products will no longer be sold

Obtain logistics information in real time, bind a logistics tracking code to each daily chemical product, locate daily chemical products, check the trends of daily chemical products anytime and anywhere, and obtain information about daily chemical products in a timely manner. Enterprises can grasp the transportation information of daily chemical products, know the situation of fleeing goods, and prevent dealers fleeing goods. The use of anti-sweeping system for daily chemicals can prevent distributors from swapping around. The use of one item, one code daily chemical product anti-fleeing system, in this way, the problem of fleeing goods can be easily solved. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service!