Use one item one code marketing system to do a good job in marketing and promotion of products

2021-03-03 18:02:33

Do a good job in marketing and promotion of products

One item, one code marketing, and terminal retailer data collection, allows companies to quickly understand the status of market sales, formulate marketing plans, and achieve product sales growth. One thing, one code can be connected to different entrances, official accounts, promotional activities, etc., set in the QR code, consumers scan the code to enter, brand owners and consumers close interaction, so as to achieve the role of brand product marketing and promotion, only Guide consumers to participate in marketing activities, the next step of marketing becomes so simple.


Use one thing one code marketing system

Brand product one item one code marketing system, a variety of promotional activities, one item one code system, build an informatized and intelligent big data marketing platform, realize the whole process of marketing control and adjustment, combine online and offline, and realize intelligence digital marketing. Incentives for stores, and at the same time, it can collect store information to improve channel sales ability. Companies and consumers communicate and interact with each other in two ways, and establish a long-term feedback relationship. This kind of business will continue to develop and do a good job in product marketing.

Do marketing for products, build a one-size-one-size marketing system

One product, one code, product marketing, connect consumers with data. Through a series of marketing activities, the interaction between consumers and the brand can be enhanced. Control the entire marketing network, acquire and manage data from the entire channel chain, master the real data of each node, and form a network structure to make market decisions more transparent. One thing, one code big data analysis can help companies collect big data and record product sales, so as to select flagship products and promote brands. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service!