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Currently, CCN provides brand protection for over 1200 companies, including 46 Global 500 enterprises. Our mission is to forge a system for reliability and added value of worldwide products by providing anti-counterfeiting protection, distribution management, and digital marketing for enterprises.

It is our conviction that with our endeavor, we are able to protect brand value by curbing counterfeits circulation, assisting in building an integrated quality tracing system, and helping enterprises establish direct connection with consumers.

We firmly believe that our team members play crucial part in achieving this vision. If you would like to work among elite colleagues and put your talent to good use, join us to fulfill our promise to society, enterprises and consumers.

  • Operation and maintenance engineer

    job description:

    1. responsible for daily inspection and maintenance of servers, can detect potential problems, give solutions, and guarantee the normal operation and the stability of the system;
    2. responsible for installation and configuration of the information Server system;
    3. responsible for plan, manage, configurate, and troubleshoot the network;
    4. responsible for the daily monitoring and maintenance of ORACLE database;
    5. responsible for monitor the network and telephone line;
    6. other duties as assigned;

    Job Requirements:

    1. have 2 years basic networking experience, be able to debug the network-related equipment.
    2.CET 4 or above, have good spoken and written skill, be able to communicate in English frequently
    3. be able to read professional computer materials in English is preferred
    4. proficient in Windows, familiar with Linux, can tuning operating system and middleware IIS, proficient in code release, update, offline operation,and have good documenting habit
    5. familiar with the safety-related knowledge and security attacks,which include but are not limited to the network layer, application layer, the operating system, and be able to dealing with security issues in time
    6. understand the basic knowledge of virtualization, storage (San, and iSCSI), monitoring system, load balancing and system scripting language,etc

  • Key Accounts Sales (Guangzhou)

    job description:

    1.  Understand and analysis target customer industry dynamic information and requirement.

    2.  Explore business and market for target customer as to Anti-counterfeit products, Tracing Products and Digital Marketing products

    3.  Make suitable solutions proposals according to customer requirement and recommendation

    4.  Push to start project, demonstrate / participate in project biding, push to final sign contract.

    5.  Coordinate with customer to final confirm and implement project.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Goode communication capability, good at handling pressures, good at learning and comprehensive analyzing capability.

    2.  With clear target, with clear life personal planning.

    3.  With team corporation and innovation spirits

    4.  B2B, successful project sales experience will prevail

    5.  Sophisticate in OFFICE and other software

    Note: Sales annual income = basic salary + commissions + multi-welfare

  • Software Development Engineer (Hefei)

    job description:

    1.Responsible for edit backstage processing program in database, like data withdraw, transfer, analysis, processing, storage and etc.
    2.Responsible backstage data analysis
    3.Responsible for data analysis platform performance optimizing
    4.Responsible for data collection, operation on time
    5.Responsible analyzing data application.
    6.Responsible requirement analysis data and fast prepare this data

    Job Requirements:

    1.With at least 3 years developing experience
    2.Sophisticate in C# development, can edit complicate and flexible multithreading database
    3.Sophisticate in ORACALE/SQLSERVER database, sophisticate in editing storage process, function and SQL sentences
    4.Acknowledge business or open-source report tools or service which based on ORACLE/SQLSERVER database.
    5.With mass data processing and analysis experiences, acknowledge data digging and related knowledge, mass data processing experience will prevail.
    6.Sophisticate in popular ETL tools or frame, like SSIS, Kettle.
    7.With creation, interested in data digging, machine learning and big data processing, like to try new technologies or methods.
    8.With extreme new technology learning and verifying capability
    9.JAVA and Javascript development experience will prevail
    10.Distributed computing experience will prevail, like Hadoop

  • Software Testing Engineer

    job description:

    1.Responsible for related products function testing, integration testing, automation testing and safety testing
    2.From testing plan, testing proposal, design testing cases and simple automation testing script, and carry out testing
    3.Analysis locate performance bottleneck or safety leak, cooperate with development team to solve problem
    4.Hand over performance and safety testing report, evaluate performance or safety risks.

    Job Requirements:

    1.Familiar with testing procedures, with at least 2 years software testing experience.
    2.Sophisticate in Selenium, Jmete, SoapUI (Any Two)
    3.Sophisticate in one or two big database, like Oracle/SQLServer.
    4.Safety testing or automation testing experience will prevail
    5.Sophisticate in white box, with code edition (development) experience, familiar with C/C++, HTML interface design or front UI design experience
    6.With rigorous attitude, high sense of responsibility, positive, with good communication skill
    7.With good learning capability, integrity, rigorous thinking, working positive and can bear working pressure
    Note: except salary, company will pay employee insurance, company reserves, supplement company reserves, high-temperature allowance, holiday allowance, Year-end and Year-medium prize, physic examination, travelling and other welfare, we provide accommodation for non-local employees.

  • Project Implementation Engineer

    job description:

    1.Responsible for project implementation, and final confirmed by company leaders, customers and project team
    2.Responsible for project quality, time, cost and risk control during implementation, coordinate with customers or third-party to solve problem
    3.Responsible for equipment model selection and technical testing according to customers requirement, on site production situation, equipment function, brand and cost comparison
    4.Responsible for project implementation works according to relate working procedures and requirement (including project implementation proposals) and responsible for on site communication and project progress control
    5.Responsible for software and hardware system installation, debugging, system integration testing and system training
    6.Responsible for before-sales, after-sales support
    7.Organize all kind of sources during implementation (including coordination from customers) to final finish project.
    8.Cooperate to complete project implementation and accept works
    9.Responsible for standardization implementation on site

    Job Requirements:

    1.Full-time electronic or computing major graduation, Junior college and above
    2.Sophisticate in using electrical design software (SolidWorks and AUTOCAD), with basic electronical acknowledge.
    3.Familiar with windows operation installation, with basic web acknowledge, sophisticate in software and database (SQL Server) installation and operation.
    4.With software implementation experience, familiar with PLC, sophisticate in PLC scanning and communication
    5.On site allocation, software installation, software linking, onsite training capability
    6.With high service awareness and good file edition capability
    7.With good language capability, communication capability.
    8.With good learning capability, good at thinking, with sense of time, independent but with team work spirits
    9.Used to frequent travelling, with the courage to undertake work pressure, can bear hardship and with conscientious
    10.Industry automation control system design experience prevail.

  • Intermediate Software Development Engineer

    job description:

    1, responsible for the Internet financial platform related product development; the use of HTML5 related technology development mobile platform Web App front page;

    2, with the project manager, architect and test supervisor for technical communication, exchange, with each other to complete the task; with the back-end development engineers to discuss technology solutions, application and system integration;

    3, continuous optimization of software development process to improve development efficiency and software quality;

    4, in the team's code format, the structure of the provisions of the preparation of easy to read, easy to maintain, high-quality, high efficiency code.

    Job Requirements:

    1, computer related professional graduate, college and above; have more than two years (including two years) work experience;

    2, Sophisticated in .Net C #, BS development, skilled use of Visual Studio 2010/2012 and other development tools;

    3, master the SQL language, familiar with the basic operation of the mainstream database (such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)

    4, proficient in CSS3, html5, Java script, AJAX, XML, J query know how to deal with a variety of browser compatibility issues

    5, the code execution efficiency, performance optimization, data cache, page cache has some experience;

    6, has a good programming style and habits and strong ability to write a document, with good logical thinking ability, communication skills, team spirit;

    7, work patient and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, with good professionalism and team spirit, with strong communication, good writing skills, learning ability, can withstand a certain degree of work pressure;