Shanghai Business Network: New Retail Era Marketing Tools - Omni-Channel User Trust Marketing System

2018-03-01 14:02:43

New retail era to narrow the distance between business and users, open up all channel data, insight into consumer behavior, trust is no longer a corporate word of mouth or a word of mouth marketing. But to reach consumers from demand to purchase every aspect of the trust attraction.

2003 Taobao was established in 2005 beyond eBay, a consumer online shopping platform. With the passage of time, consumers continue to migrate their choices of shopping platforms from Taobao to Tmall and self-serve by Jingdong. Back to the reform and opening up, the relocation of offline shopping platform with the same pace of moving forward, from the grocery store to Super Mall to MALL. In the process of relocation of shopping platform, many product brands also will ups and downs. In the entire migration process, consumers can not be separated from the cognitive changes in the course of shopping, consumers believe that the era of media advertising, to believe that super-platform credit era, and then to Taobao shop reputation era, to Jingdong self, day Cat platform and brand double endorsement reputation era, has been to the sea Amoy, micro-business, to the social circle of friends and relatives endorsed a new era of credibility. Consumer trust has always been in the choice of brand, platform, model plays a very important role in the process. We can not imagine that today, Jingdong platform, if there is no user comment on the product features, how many consumers are willing to choose Jingdong to buy.

The new retail era opens in 2017. Through big data, through online payment, through the Internet of Things, online or offline, we can make enterprises and consumers understand and communicate with each other in all channels. In such a big era, the consumer trust will bring what kind of marketing change? In the process of consumer choice of brand, choice of product, choice of purchasing platform, how to show the brand trust information, product trust information, platform trust information to consumers in every consumer contact after the consumer has generated demand, So that more consumers choose the brand, access to greater market share and share. It is a need for many corporate brands in the new retail era to think about.

Many factors make consumer trust more and more important

First, product safety

With the fermentation of Sanlu incident in 2008, the impact was not limited to the mother-baby industry. From a marketing perspective, it almost changed the people's perceptions and habits of choosing products. It no longer believed the brand simply because of advertising, and even China Consumers have reached over-sensitivity to product safety. Many WeChat false false rumors of product safety information will be crazy spread, plastic kelp, plastic rice, plastic fans endless, many brands hurt. In the process of enterprise in any case, to clarify the rumor, the effect is often ineffective. This can also be seen from the side, consumers do not trust the product, the brand business does not feel a sense of trust.

Second, over-marketing

Many brands introduced excessive exaggeration of the scope of the goods introduced, often to consumers to buy and found that they can not meet their own use of the scene. Consumers review purchase comments carefully when purchasing a product to see if the purchased user's usage scenario matches their own.

Third, the promotional price does not trust

In the past two years, the media often broke the news during the double-11 period when the merchants first raised prices and then cut prices. As a result, consumers questioned whether there is a real discount promotions, and this challenge often affect the brand's sense of trust. As a result, hesitancy at the time of purchase, both online and offline, has caused the loss of many consumers in the final decision-making process.

Fourth, the goods are fake

Is the product genuine? Consumers have always been concerned about the trust factor, in recent years because consumers can not determine the authenticity of certain brands, fearing to buy fake, resulting in a large part of consumers would rather believe that overseas purchasing or platform for the sea Amoy, hate the best Relatives in the overseas purchase in shelves only feel relieved. Of course, it has also risen a number of sea Amoy platform or imported goods. But for the Chinese brand, it is bound to result in the loss of a large number of users because of such mistrust. It is also clear here that there is an obvious marketing trend of changing consumer habits or changing consumer brands from trustless consumer trust platforms to trust-based branded products.

Fifth, pricing does not trust

In recent years, many enterprises in order to chase higher sales profits or do product upgrades, do more high-end product line. However, if the support of this price selling point is not enough to convince consumers, it will be the other consumers do not trust the brand will think that the product of this brand is not worth the price or the price is not high, once formed this concept will also map In the degree of trust in the entire brand, this will also prompt some consumers to choose other brands.

What is the difference in consumer trust at every point throughout the buying process?

Users generate demand phase, at this stage in the choice of brand and product more concerned about which brand of products to meet my needs. User contacts at this stage should be set up on the display should be more functional description of the brand level, more refined, the scene of the description will make consumers more willing to trust.

After the initial selection of brands and products to meet the demand, consumers are more concerned about the quality of products and products whether there is negative information. At this stage contact brand should show more good evaluation of the user has purchased, it is best to have photos and experience. This commentary is different from the traditional online mall commentary, which is the commentary information that the enterprise unifies to show after collection.

After consumers confirm the product quality and reputation, consumers began to choose to buy platform, this stage consumers will also pay attention to price concessions and selected platform for the sale of goods is genuine. At this stage, the brand should display and recommend genuine promotional purchasing channels to consumers, and prevent consumers from intercepting consumers because of the promotional activities of a platform competing product.

In the final consumer payment phase, some consumers still have repeated emotions and hesitation. At this stage the brand should try its best to show that this product is the most suitable and urgently needed information, as well as other information to enable consumers to pay as soon as possible. Make sure that consumers hesitate to go back to the pre-process or set aside the purchase.

Loss of user stage, in any part of the consumer did not enter the next part of the time, the brand should show exclusive concessions to consumers, consumers to restore.

Of course, because of different types of consumers and different products in different industries, the true consumer trust marketing model will be more targeted. Of course, as the consumer image becomes clearer, the model will gradually upgrade and understand more consumers.

Therefore, in the new retail era of big data supported by consumers' experience, enterprises will undoubtedly increase brand competitiveness by making better consumer trust experience.

In the course of 16 years, the Chinese businessman has always focused on providing brand protection to enterprises and building up a system of consumer trust. In the process of serving more than 40 Fort Five Hundred Enterprises and thousands of enterprises for many years, the Chinese businessmen have accumulated rich experience in the consumer trust system experience of. With the support of Internet of Things and Big Data, consumer psychology is combined to build up a set of trust building systems among all the contacts purchased by consumers so as to construct a portrait of consumer trust and set corresponding trusts at every accessible point Guide, combined with the new retail system in the business, the establishment of a unique thousand users can only interact with the system. Truly help businesses to build the shopping seems to be every one of the entire consumer is equipped with a one-on-one brand sales consultants, build brand and consumer trust bridge.