Customized solutions for anti-channeling goods, anti-channeling goods management system

2021-06-11 14:03:58

Customized solutions for preventing channeling goods

The anti-migration system uses code scanning equipment to scan code delivery, scan the delivery, select the receiving agent, and confirm the delivery, so that the system can obtain the tracking of product delivery information.

The harm of fleeing goods: fleeing goods leads to chaotic channel price system, difficult price control, and chaotic market sales order.

The benefits of using the anti-smuggling system: Stabilize the market order, maintain the product price system, prevent dealers from fleeing, tracking product flow, alerting for fleeing, and inquiring about fleeing information, formulating marketing plans based on sales in different regions, Increase product sales. 


Anti-Fleeing Goods Management System

The application of the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system: It can find out the problem of the smuggling in time, and the lower-level distributors or consumers can scan the product code to check the authenticity of the product and the legal distributor, and then determine whether the product sales channel is normal and whether there is smuggling. The enterprise builds an anti-sweeping system to realize the headquarters supervision of all agents, the superior supervision of all subordinate agents and the real-time monitoring of product flow to prevent the occurrence of fleeing cargo incidents.

If the goods are diverted, the system will automatically prompt, obtain information, know which batch and which region has the diverted goods, and deal with the situation of the diverted goods based on this information. It can manage distributors in various regions and control sales channels. The anti-sweeping system can track the flow of goods throughout the whole process to prevent the fleeing of goods. 


The enterprise realizes the whole process control of the logistics channel

Dealer management: master the product sales of various channels, and manage the dealers in all places in a unified way. Control the flow of products, understand the dynamics of product circulation in various regions, master information, and prevent cross-sending. With the anti-sweeping system, companies can monitor the flow of goods throughout the entire process to prevent agents from taking the goods by skipping levels and fleeing goods across regions.

The anti-sweeping system allows products to be linked together in the flow process, allowing enterprises to grasp the flow direction of each product in real time, and complete the comprehensive supervision of commodity circulation. The anti-sweeping system is mainly used to monitor the flow of products in various places, control the delivery of products to regions, and check the sales situation in various regions. The enterprise establishes an anti-sweeping system, real-time logistics tracking, and keeps the status of all products in hand.