The advantages of the anti-sweeping system and the one-item one-code marketing system

2021-06-11 15:03:08

The main functions of the anti-traffic management system

①Accurate GPS geographic positioning ②Automatic early warning of product fleeing from enterprise products

④Realize the information management of the entire supply chain of products from production to sales ⑤Realize the control of the flow of headquarters, provinces, cities, and counties ⑥Each product is assigned an ID number to realize the tracking of the life cycle of each product

⑦Automatic data collection for product delivery and warehousing, to ensure that the company can timely grasp the direction of product flow, data monitoring throughout the process, and trace the source of the product

Anti-Fleeing Goods System: Record receipt and delivery information, and provide data support for enterprise market inspectors. Track product logistics in real time, monitor dealer behavior, and enhance brand effect. Prevent these fleeing goods and chaotic price development from the source, and manage dealers throughout the process. 


Advantages of one item one code marketing system

(1) CCN China Business Network establishes a user life cycle value system, and provides targeted marketing strategies and landing activities for users at different stages.

(2) One thing, one code, multi-channel management, key person incentives, scanning code marketing activities, building enterprise traffic portals

(3) CCN China Business Network Digital Marketing Upgrade: Brands and consumers are "directly connected and two-way communication", one thing and one code connects "people", "goods" and "fields" to create brand private domain traffic.

One product, one code marketing system, which controls the promotion link, helps enterprises to implement promotion from the sales link, and forms a benign promotion activity. The application of the product one item one code marketing system is the direction of product digital development, which can increase the sales of branded products. 

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