Auto parts products use one item one code traceability system to improve consumers' confidence

2021-06-11 15:38:21

Auto parts product traceability system: the whole process can be traced to ensure product quality.

China Business Network establishes accurate records of production and logistics information for enterprises. The system can realize the full quality traceability of raw materials, production, logistics, transportation, and sales of products, strengthen the level of product safety management, and meet the requirements of national policies.

One item one code anti-counterfeiting traceability marketing in the auto parts industry, the authenticity of auto parts products can be verified, production line data control, the whole process can be traced, recallable, and the code can be marketed.

Improve consumer confidence

The auto parts product traceability system realizes traceability management from product production, storage, logistics, sales to consumer terminals. Realize the transparency of the production management process, let the production management department know the production status of each production link in a timely manner, and can make timely adjustments according to the production status.


Store the information of the entire industrial chain of products from production, warehousing, transportation, supply, and sales to the chain, and realize the traceability of the entire life cycle of the product from production to terminal sales, and realize the traceability of the source of goods. It can realize the information entry of the product's raw materials, production, processing, warehousing, distribution, logistics transportation, market inspection, consumers and other links.

Strengthen product management

Give auto parts products an identity code of their own, a traceability code corresponds to a product, realize traceability, and optimize the whole process management of products from packaging, warehousing, logistics, terminal sales to consumer purchase.

The management of each link of the product allows the product to be supervised in the circulation process, that is, the source can be checked, the whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. The auto parts product traceability system creates an exclusive "identity card" for each product, which stores detailed product information, so that consumers can clearly understand the source of production of various products. The principle of the traceability system, the source of goods can be checked, the source can be traced, the defective product can be recalled, and the responsibility can be investigated. The product uses a traceability system to solve the problem of asymmetric and opaque information between the supplier and the buyer.