Wine brand protection, anti-counterfeiting mark for wine products

2021-06-11 16:18:14

Drink brand protection

All kinds of alcoholic beverages can use anti-counterfeiting labels, mainly to protect the brand. Through the use of anti-counterfeiting labels for products by brand owners, counterfeit goods have been reduced. Consumers can check the authenticity of goods by themselves and trust the brand more. And to make anti-counterfeiting labels for products, anti-counterfeiting companies will customize anti-counterfeiting labels according to the needs of brand owners, so they can play a role in anti-counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting, cracking down on counterfeiters, building company image, and improving brand awareness can be achieved by relying on anti-counterfeiting labels.


Comprehensive solution of anti-counterfeiting codes for drinks and beverages

Bottle cap: label on the bottle cap, and spray code inside and outside the bottle cap. Color box: bottle cap labeling, color box NFC tag. Carton: Coding and labeling on the outer carton. Pallet: Pallet labeling, virtual labeling. Branded drinks and beverages use anti-counterfeiting labels, which are non-copyable, difficult to imitate, simple to operate, and easy to identify. Paste the printed anti-counterfeiting logo on each beverage, which has the effect of protecting the brand. The alcohol products use anti-counterfeiting labels, and the only data codes make it more difficult to counterfeit.


Anti-counterfeiting labels for branded drinks

Branded liquor requires the use of anti-counterfeiting labels, so as to protect the interests of the enterprise and the rights of consumers. Anti-counterfeiting labels are different from counterfeit and counterfeit products. Anti-counterfeiting labels on wine and water products, anti-tear, anti-disassembly, anti-theft replacement, anti-tampering, quality assurance. The current anti-counterfeiting technology is relatively mature, and the finished anti-counterfeiting label is pasted on the product to check the authenticity of the product and reduce the counterfeit goods. Use anti-counterfeiting labels for branded drinks as anti-counterfeiting!


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