The principle of anti-counterfeiting labeling technology, the label information corresponds to the product

2021-08-05 09:30:33

Branded goods for anti-counterfeiting

Through the use of anti-counterfeiting technology, the production of anti-counterfeiting labels for products, only the anti-counterfeiting code, the label corresponds to the product, there is no duplicate label, and an anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once to prevent the label from being used on fake goods. In this way, the anti-counterfeiting label It is like the "identity card" of the commodity.

Brand products are equipped with anti-counterfeiting labels to facilitate consumers to verify the authenticity of the products. According to the user object to be authenticated, a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting authentication system based on visual, tactile, auditory, and interactive authentication technology, supplemented by service operations, can truly achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Make anti-counterfeiting labels to reduce counterfeit products. 


Solve the fraud problem in the market

Only need to paste a simple anti-counterfeiting label on the product, consumers can easily identify the authenticity of the product, help companies reduce counterfeit goods, and resist counterfeit goods on the market. With the development of anti-counterfeiting technology, there are more and more anti-counterfeiting labels with various materials and functions, and labels can be customized according to the needs of enterprises.

Moreover, the applicability of anti-counterfeiting labels is very strong, and various products and categories can choose to use anti-counterfeiting labels. The important role of anti-counterfeiting labels is to protect the brand and resist counterfeiting. The current anti-counterfeiting labels are beautiful and have good anti-counterfeiting effects, which can protect brand products very well. Anti-counterfeiting label, the anti-counterfeiting system is stable, easy to identify, and difficult to imitate. 

Advantages of anti-counterfeiting technology

Apply anti-counterfeiting labels to products, brand anti-counterfeiting, safeguard corporate interests, protect consumer rights, reduce counterfeit goods, increase product sales, and enhance brand credibility. The characteristic data of the anti-counterfeiting technology cannot be tampered with, the confidentiality is strong, it is easy to identify the authenticity of the product, and the consumer recognizes the brand.

The current anti-counterfeiting technology is relatively mature, and the finished anti-counterfeiting label is pasted on the product to check the authenticity of the product and reduce the counterfeit goods. Anti-counterfeiting point customization and design solutions, label security management and control solutions, anti-counterfeiting verification and identification, counterfeit product research services, assistance in anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting service operations, and comprehensive and efficient control of the circulation of counterfeit products.

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