Magic particle anti-counterfeiting technology, basic version and holographic touch version introduction

2021-08-05 09:59:16

一、Basic Edition

1. Magic particle anti-counterfeiting:The crystallization of secret technology, the dark horse in the anti-counterfeiting industry. Magic particle mirror image corresponds to a brand-new anti-counterfeiting mark produced by anti-counterfeiting method technology, which is characterized by randomly distributed particles in the anti-counterfeiting mark.

2. Technical introduction:  randomly distributed golden particles, variable anti-counterfeiting query information, and excellent anti-transfer effect.

3. Anti-counterfeiting level: A level: difficult to copy B level: difficult to copy C level: more difficult to copy D level: general (with anti-counterfeiting effect)

4. Technical advantages: (1) Metal particles are randomly distributed, and the label is unique. (2) Easy to identify: compare with eyes, touch by hand, scan code. (3) Excellent anti-transfer effect (conventional bedding).


Anti-counterfeiting uniqueness: Anti-counterfeiting information is randomly generated at a high speed by special equipment during the production process. The characteristic information on different marks is completely different from the anti-counterfeiting authentication information. Any anti-counterfeiting mark is unique, and there is no other same mark. exist.

5. Technical introduction: ①A glance: watch with the naked eye that there are randomly distributed multi-color or single-color metal particles on the surface of the label. ②Second touch: touch the label surface with a sharp sense, random metal particle dots, non-printing ink, which can be picked out.

③Three scans: Scan the QR code with the mobile phone, and check the authenticity by comparing the physical label with the mobile phone picture.

二、Holographic Touch Edition

1. Technical advantages:(1) The holographic technology is produced using the world's top plate-making equipment, with high anti-counterfeiting level and high aesthetics. (2) Excellent anti-transfer effect.

2. Identification method: one look: holographic anti-counterfeiting features, tall, beautiful, etc. Second reveal: Uncover the surface layer and leave the metal particles on the back sticker as the genuine product.


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